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Looking for a software solution that lets you gather intelligence about your business, discover issues, take corrective action and measure the results? Let us introduce you to VEKTR®.

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Discover the Power of VEKTR®

VEKTR® provides highly personalized snapshots allowing detail analysis for businesses striving to elevate quality & brand compliance under maintenance/program agreements; we manage scheduled visits with geolocation and allow detailed scoring, with action items when improvement is needed..

Mobilized Audits

Data collection using audits or inspections can be used to measure Service Quality, Brand Compliance, Safety Compliance, Customer Satisfaction or many other factors that are important to your business. VEKTR® provides a set of tools to collect this data, generate follow-up items where deficiencies are found, and monitor improvements through analytical reports.
Although VEKTR® is a web-based solution, we provide apps for mobile Android, Apple and Windows devices that can be used to perform these audits offline, if necessary, and then synchronized with the web site when possible. This eliminates the need for auditors to carry around a clipboard and paper forms, and also avoids the possibility of errors when transcribing the data into an electronic format, while saving time and money by not having to pay someone for data-entry.

Follow Up - Action Items, Work Orders

When issues are discovered and reported, either through audits or simple observation, there needs to be some kind of follow-up to ensure that these issues are addressed. Action items or work orders should define the issue with sufficient detail that someone can make adjustments to correct the issues.
VEKTR® allows these action items to be reported, notifications sent out, and follow-up documented electronically. Once the issues are corrected, the action items/work orders can be closed and archived. Analytical reports can also be run to determine the statuses of these items.
Follow-up records can be created automatically by failing items from audits or by a periodic task scheduler (for preventative maintenance tasks), or manually entered by an auditor or a customer. Each record can specify a priority and due date for completion of the tasks. Multiple tasks can be included in the same record.
Throughout the life cycle of the Action Item/Work Order, comments can be added and the status updated to track its progress. Photos can also be included to improve the documentation. Each record can be tracked individually, or through a series of analytical reports including Open Items and Days Past Due.
Tracking the resolution of issues can help your company to gauge its level of customer satisfaction, ensuring higher levels of confidence in your products or services.

Scheduled Actions

Service quality is often dependent on repetitive tasks or actions (monitoring, preventative maintenance, routine service calls). VEKTR® provides a Periodic Task Scheduler (PTS) to allow recurring tasks or actions to be scheduled into the future. These tasks send out reminders as the scheduled task approaches, and generate follow-up records (Action Items/Work Orders) at the scheduled times. These items allow interested parties to document progress in task completion and finally close the records when completed.
Scheduling is flexible and can be based on specific calendar dates or on relative frequencies (like the first Tuesday of the month). Recurring items can be set to run once or a limited number of times, or to end within a specified date range or run indefinitely. Scheduled actions can help ensure timely service, improving customer satisfaction levels.

Customization and Flexibility

Customizable software allows you to adapt the application to better fit your company's needs. This means that you are not limited to a one-size-fits-all approach, but have the flexibility to better model the way you do business.
Your company's VEKTR® web site can be branded with your logos and adapted to use your colors. Admins can customize Audit templates to use your questions. Multiple scoring options allow you to adapt audit scoring to better indicate performance or compliance with company standards or policies. User permissions can be modified based on locations. Analytical reports offer a variety of filters to allow specification of more precise data sets.

Business Intelligence

Data collection is great for finding and correcting issues. Audits and follow-up records both contribute to the sense of how your company is doing. However, this information becomes more useful when viewed in Business Intelligence reports, allowing you to see patterns and trends and make sound business decisions based on this "actionable intelligence."
VEKTR® has a growing set of Business Intelligence reports available to summarize the data into meaningful indicators or statistics. These reports involve audit scoring and frequency, action item/work order statuses and flow, inventory and supply management and location validation for services performed. Combined with the ability to select data filters, they allow you to focus on the data that is meaningful to your company. Additionally, if the existing reports do not give you quite what you need, customized reports can also be developed to better represent your data.
In addition to allowing you to run these reports as needed, VEKTR® also includes the ability to schedule reports to be automatically run at a given frequency or specific dates times in the future. Scheduled report are automatically generated and emailed as attachments to designated individuals as PDFs, spreadsheets or other formats. This can eliminate the need to have someone remember to run specific reports, for example, after the close of each month.

Inventory Management

Suppliers often visit their clients to determine quantities of products they have in stock. When your rep is onsite at a customer location, wouldn't it be easy to bring up an order form audit and indicate the products and quantities that they need?
VEKTR® audits can be set up to allow you to list your products and indicate which of then need to be reordered and in what quantities. When the audits are submitted, this information can be transmitted so that orders can be placed for them.
Or perhaps you are more interested in collecting physical counts of products. Physical count audit forms can also be created to collect this information and run comparative analytical reports on the products.

Markets for VEKTR®

VEKTR® is flexible enough to be adapted to a wide variety of industries and markets.


VEKTR® provides franchisors with tools for monitoring/improving brand compliance and service quality. Customized audits, immediate follow-up, scheduling and real-time reporting can improve communications. Self-audits allow franchisees to check their own successes.

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Food Services

VEKTR® helps food service businesses improve service quality with food safety and customer experience audits. Issues are documented and follow-up notifications are dispatched immediately. Action item progress is tracked interactively. Reports help monitor improvement in service quality.

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Warewash Industry

VEKTR® uses mobile audits to document installation and calibration of equipment. Photos can show proper installation or document equipment issues. Calibration values can be recorded during audits. Needed follow-up is documented in work orders. Customers and technicians can electronically sign off projects.

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Property Management

VEKTR® is for Property Management. Tenant work orders send immediate automatic email notifications. Preventative Maintenance equipment audits find potential issues before problems occur. Scheduled tasks send reminders to engineers. Entry and exit occupancy audits can be done on mobile devices.

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To see how VEKTR® can be used in your industry, click on the list below:

Auto Dealers, Building Service Contractors, Business Consultants, Child Care Centers, Construction Industry, Food Service, Franchise Industry, Health and Safety, Higher Education, Hospitality Industry, Government Agencies, K-12 School Districts, Medical Industry, Property Management, Retail Industry, Warewash Industry, Other Industries

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VEKTR® is a suite of applications for improving your business. Tools are provided for monitoring business processes, following up on issues with corrective actions, verifying the results and scheduling preventative maintenance tasks. The tools in VEKTR® are flexible enough to allow you to mold them around the way you do business, yet easy enough to understand and use.

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VEKTR® is a live software, it never rests because we are always alert to your needs and new challenges. We are not only in contact with you but we immediately apply the solutions you require!

Feedback & Research

Constant communication with our customers, listening to their needs, investigating their new challenges. We are always alert!


As soon as we clearly understand your ideas, we build the right concept that covers 100% of your requirements. This is a permanent fact in our relationship.

Develop & Test

We develop cutting-edge tools with the highest technology. In our own technology park, we perform operational and loading tests so that you do not miss anything!


As we know that time is money, we deliver lean solutions in record time, without neglecting the best practices of the software development.

That's our process, a constant and permanent way to your success!

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Customer Experience

Always alert Of Customers Needs

No testimony is as valuable as the one spoken by our own clients publicly!
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Brian Wellette
General Manager

NSC Facility Management’s relationship with Nuvek began in 2006. We started using their Quality Assurance inspection application on the VEKTR® mobile platform. This was a success for us and over the years expanded our relationship with Nuvek by adding VektrConnekt® into our business for the DMS services as well as its business reporting suite. This was another success for us and we decided to update our dispatching system to Nuvek’s Dispatch System within VEKTR® . Each application has been tweaked to fit our needs and has been expanded to make some innovative solutions for our customer. By partnering with Nuvek we’ve been able to do much more with a small staff. We now handle twice as many transactions and facilities by using these products. We are able to use their web apps and smartphone apps seamlessly which has greatly improved efficiencies. The team at Nuvek is very responsive to our needs and they understand the inner working of our business. They support all of their applications masterfully and can troubleshoot issues over the phone or through a screen sharing platform.
Brian Wellette | General Manager

Focus Brands International
Elbyn Mustafa
Manager, International Operations & Training

At FOCUS Brands International, we launched the VEKTR® App and our dedicated website in October 2014. Prior to using VEKTR® we were using Microsoft Excel and pen & paper. Switching to VEKTR® made a huge difference. We were able to view the inspections as they were being done, view reports and find out what were the top issues in our market. This information helped us tailor our focus and training toward the areas that needed improvements. However, what I love most about VEKTR® is their support team. They are all there ready to help. Hands off the BEST support team!

Sport Clips
Mary Carter
Director of Technical Education

Sport Clips has been using the VEKTR® app since 2011. The app and website are very user friendly. It is great to have all the data conveniently located in one spot, allowing us to run reports for individual markets or system-wide. The ongoing training and support they have been providing has been excellent. They are very patient and can explain things in a way that is easy to understand.

Evans Building Maintenance LLC
Michael Evans

I recommend VEKTR® as an integral tool to providing our customers with a professional and data driven process. We utilize it as an important tool to provide data driven metrics to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Granite School District
Mycka Murphy
Custodial and IPM Coordinator,
Certified Custodial Technician Trainer

Granite has been using the VEKTR® program since 2011. Custodial Services uses it to inspect all 96 facilities, twice a year or more often if needed. It has been a reliable resource for us, especially dealing with issues that may result in corrective disciple. The options for pictures, comments and work orders is extremely helpful for us. Our General Maintenance department also uses it to inspect the work of their employees and to see the status of the machines they repair.

VEKTR® has been such a huge part of Custodial Services, I don't know what the status of our schools would be if we didn't use it.

That's our process, a constant and permanent way to your success!


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