Child Care Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

child care center

VEKTR® Software customization allow Child Care Centers to organize evaluations in their particular format using their individual scoring system, and to find issues that need improvement. The customization opens the door for the centers to design the type, the format or even the questions the way that makes sense businesswise for their corporation.

VEKTR® gives the Centers the ability to word the questions the way they prefer. This flexibility allows the Centers to write their own questions in the software. VEKTR® has options for adding comments (including user-defined standard comments), photos and signatures, and creating automatic action items or work orders based on failure of individual questions, if desired. VEKTR® software adapts to the way they do business.


VEKTR® administrators can design their own inspection forms. This allows the Centers to create and implement safety, compliance, and quality control audits or other types of inspection forms that may apply. Administrators can choose to combine them into a unified inspection or run them seperately depending how the Centers prefer to do business. If the Center wants to have certain sections in a particular order or scored by a particular scoring method, inspection forms can be created to meet their needs.

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