Auto Dealers Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

auto industryAssociations have the opportunity to create for their members a Best Practices Standard Operating Procedures and Practices for the Industry they are in, developed by the association, with and for association members utilizing the VEKTR®Performance Management Platform for execution of the program. We work with Associations to develop these member appreciated value add programs.

VEKTR®'s organizational structure to have a Master Association Site and have it populate to the membership sub-sites allows the Association to utilize VEKTR® to disseminate information and have an automated follow-up system to manage new information dissemination. There are many association management functions that are best handled with the management automations that VEKTR®provides to both the Association and the Membership.

VEKTR® is the professional platform to manage and administer such programs as your Risk Management, Safety, Security, Quality Assurance Audits, Brand Inspections and Audits, Regulatory Compliance, and other Facility and Maintenance programs. 

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