Medical Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

hospital building

In the medical industry it is important to keep high standards of cleanliness, consistent procedures and ensure that patients receive the necessary service. Routine audits help to maintain the necessary levels of performance. To enhance this service, technology is available to make this process faster, more accurate and keep records up to date. VEKTR® incorporates this technology to make it practical in a modern fast-paced world. 

Where housing patients requires a clean environment, VEKTR® can aid in this process. An electronic tablet or phone can be used with VEKTRŪ to verify rooms are cleaned regularly, sanitation procedures are followed and disposables are discarded properly. The audit templates are customizable so that the questions address issues as needed. When processes are updated, VEKTR® templates can be easily changed to make corrections timely. Completing audits on the devices with VEKTR® make it possible to do audits faster.

As medical technology improves, it is important that the new procedures are followed accurately. With VEKTR® there are features in place that make it easy to verify that the correct processes are followed. Pictures can be taken, authentication or signatures can be easily recorded along with the audit and comments can be include with each question to point out specifics that need to be addressed. Once the audit has been completed, notifications can be sent to those responsible for making the required changes. VEKTR® features enhance the process to make sure procedures are followed accurately.

Ensuring that patients receive proper service requires consistent checks to maintain a high standard of performance. VEKTR® audits can be done on the spot, notifications can immediately be sent out for failure corrections and analytical reports can immediately be run to verify system compliance. This allows your report records to be updated each time a report is run.

VEKTR® features help to keep your medical processes compliant with the standards. You can ensure you maintain cleanliness with housekeeping, procedures can be verified as being consistent and service can be held to acceptable levels of performance. VEKTR®.s features help the process to be faster and more accurate, and the records kept up to date.

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