Retail Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

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VEKTR® gives Retailers the ability to take control of Improvement and Quality Control. Administrators can customize inspections with your company's questions and format. Once the inspection has been taken and the data synchronized to the cloud, authorized users can access it via the internet. This allows you to access the inspection information for all your locations from the same place, either via analytical reports or by viewing individual inspections.

With VEKTR®, you have options for using a single master inspection form or breaking the form into several individual inspection forms. Individual inspection forms could include safety audits, QA audits, OSHA-compliance audits or other customized templates to run independently.

Electronic tools such as VEKTR® make follow-up easier to track and manage. Inspections can send e-mails on failing items automatically. The resulting action items or work orders can be interactive, allowing you to monitor the progress of the task. When a task or project is completed, the record can be closed.

Using VEKTR®, your company can schedule action items for individual locations or corporate-wide. These can be one-time or recurring tasks. Reminder notifications are sent out when the task becomes active. Completion progress for these tasks is handled per location.

The VEKTR® application suite includes a set of standard reports, allowing your corporation to analyze the data and make improvements corporate-wide. Those reports include Top Ten Issues, Ranking Reports, Trend Reports and others. Data are displayed using data tables, line charts, pie charts, odometers and bar charts that help you visualize and pinpoint corporate-wide issues. If additional reports are needed, they can also be created for you.

A dashboard is included in VEKTR®, allowing you to see several real-time key quality indicators at a glance. This gives you the data for making informed decisions without having to run several individual reports.

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