Each Industry has a Brochure

VEKTR® website (vektr.com), now has a Brochure with each industry.  If you visit the “Markets” page, you can then click on a particular industry, to understand how VEKTR® applies to that industry and then click on the Brochure link at the bottom of the article, to view a Brochure geared to that industry.   You can also click on “Markets” Page, scroll a little to see “About”, under “About” you can click on “Market Materials” to go directly a particular Market Brochures, that you would click on to go to that Industries’ Brochure.

These Brochures can be viewed using a PDF viewer and can be downloaded or printed from the viewer.  Alternately you can right click on the link and download the brochure.  Currently all of the industries in the list have a brochure available.

On the Markets page, you will notice there are a lot of industries that can use VEKTR®.  VEKTR® is designed to be flexible, so that it can adapt to your particular industry, especially if you do Quality Control, Compliance, Housekeeping and Inventory type audits.

The VEKTR® website now allows you to access additional information on your industry, print the Brochure for that industry or save the brochure on your computer. Realize the flexibility VEKTR® has to adjust to your particular industry.  We welcome you to explore this option.