Retail Audit Efficiency

In the retail industry, inspections and follow can be done for several reasons; quality control, compliance, safety, OSHA or others.  VEKTR® Technology can help improve your performance in correcting issues.  By using our Electronic audit or inspection software they can be done faster, follow-up becomes more efficient and your organization can be automatic.

Electronic inspections are done using mobile devices to speed up the process.   By using VEKTR® electronic audit software in your stores, you can easily score each question and put in the needed comments.  You can also take pictures from your device to put with a particular question or put your signatures to authenticate your findings.  It is fast and easy process to do a VEKTR® audit.

After doing an audit, VEKTR® follow-up can eliminate inefficiencies.  Items that failed can be automatically be e-mailed to the person who is responsible for correcting the issues and to their managers in their stores.  Communications can be improved, since VEKTR® allows for interactive responses as the issues are being resolved.  This type of communications helps to eliminate miscommunication and help with faster correction process for resolving issues.

Organization is another advantage of the VEKTR® software.  When an inspection is taken or an action item created, it can be synchronized and sent directly into the proper file for each of your stores.  That makes it easy for accessing the files, since you know where to find that file.

By electronically taking inspections, automatically creating action items and automatically filing data, your ability to handle issues becomes faster, more efficient and more organized, which will help you better improve your retail organization's service to your customers.