Inspections Offline

Through the internet, Information can be accessed faster and easier.   The internet can sometimes have problems with interruptions and weather conditions that distract connections and lose inspections.   There are technologies that make it possible to do inspections offline then synchronize the inspection latter.   How does it work?

The inspection can be done offline on devices like I-PADs, I-Phones, Android Smart phones, Android PADs, Laptops, Tablet PC’s and Window Devices.  Each of these devices can install software on to the device, so that the inspection can be done offline.  The inspection can be completed, saved on the device and be synchronization at a later time.  When a connection can be made on the internet, the inspection can then be synchronized safely to the website.  This technology saves a lot of down time waiting for connections and provides a higher level of security, so that viewer inspections are not loss.  Inspectors can continue their work even during internet down times.

Doing inspections offline helps solve problems of loss of inspections during internet surges and down time when internet connections can’t be made.