VEKTR®  Helps Improve Warewash Service

Warewashing services can be improved by the VEKTR® Automated Audit technology.  VEKTR® Automated Audits allow a lot of flexibility to better respond to each customer’s need. VEKTR® has the ability to record necessary information for verification, which gives you the ability to respond to individual warewash emergencies.

VEKTR® has a lot of flexibility built into it, which allows you to do business your way.  With VEKTR® you will be taught how to build your own templates.  If you need a different template with individual customers, you can do that.  The templates allow your questions, your format and your scoring type.  If you need to revise your templates on a yearly basis, there is an easy way to do that.  VEKTR® facilitates making and utilizing service call audits to take care of the needs of your customer. 

In addition to customizing audit templates, VEKTR® allows comments with every line item.  You can document details about issues or clarify other information that can be kept with the audit used for that call.  You can take pictures to answer questions on product information or the conditions of the situation.  VEKTR® allows you to record additional call information, so that you can better service your customers.

VEKTR® has an option to automatically send out notifications to get customers serviced with emergency issues.  VEKTR® uses action items or work orders that can be sent directly to the service person to communicate the necessary service to provide.  With the regular audits, notifications can be sent to indicate response to particular questions addressed on the audit.  Either option is available, whichever meets your method of providing service.  VEKTR® has the ability to facilitate responese to individual emergency calls in order to help you take care of your customers issues.

VEKTR® helps your service technicians better handle service calls by providing customized templates, comment options on each line, pictures to verify situations and action items options to respond to emergency calls.  VEKTR® has the options to help you better serve your customers.