Retail Electronic Issue Correction

In the retail industry, inspections can be done for several reasons; quality control, compliance, safety, OSHA or others. For whatever the reason, technology can improve your performance in correcting issues; using web-based technology, an inspection can be taken faster, follow-up inefficiencies can be eliminated and organization can be automatically created.

Electronic inspections are done using mobile devices to speed up the process.   When a line item doesn’t pass in your stores, an automatic e-mail notification (Action Item or Work Order) can be sent to the responsible party immediately.  Analytic reports can run immediately, because the data is already in the tables, to measure how widespread in the corporation the issue is.  If you are manually doing inspections or using slow data input systems, compare how long it takes you to get results to how quickly an electronic process takes to generate results.  The electronic process is considerably faster.

Electronic follow-up systems can reduce or eliminate inefficiencies.  With an electronic system, when an issue is detected and reported from an inspection, the information goes directly into the database once the device is synchronized, then it is immediately sent to the party responsible for correcting the issue.   If you are manually taking inspections, collecting the data, inputting information into the computer, and making manual calls, how much extra time does it take?

Organization is another advantage of electronic systems.  When an inspection is taken or an action item created electronically and synchronized, they are sent directly into the proper files.  Accessing data for analytics is automatic with an electronic system.  Your service towards your customers becomes efficient and you can better manage small and large customer issues.

By electronically taking inspections, automatically creating action items and automatically filing data, your ability to handle issues becomes faster, more efficient and more organized, which will help you better improve your retail organization's service to your customers.