Inspections Can Search for Resource Directly

In the past, in order to select a specific resource for an inspection or work order, it was necessary to first select the group from the group tree that had been associated with that resource before the resource would become available. While this is a perfectly reasonable process for some users, it can be difficult for others, especially where there are many groups in the group tree and users do not always remember which group tree paths contain a given resource. Several months ago, the ability to search for a resource by name was added to the Resource field during the inspection process for the VEKTR® mobile apps (for Apple and Android devices). However, this ability was recently also added to the online version of the app. Clicking on the Resource field and typing a partial (or complete) name for any given resource returns a list of matches for the search string. When the correct resource name appears in that list, it can be selected from the list, and the application will automatically locate and fill in the necessary group information. Of course, the more exact or complete the search string, the better the returned search results. However, if you prefer to select the Group structure firstm that should still work as well.  [Note: when selecting the group first, if the list of available resources for that group exceeds 20 names, it may still be necessary to further narrow the selection list using the filter capabilities in order for the desired resource to appear in the list.]