Warewash Advantage of Electronic Inspections

When doing inspections for warewash services, there is a way to speed up service by using electronic inspection software.  This involves using devices such as IPADs, iPhones, Android Pads, Android smart phones, Window laptops and tablets to perform inspections.   After doing the inspection you would synchronize the results to the web, where automatic follow-up notices are dispatched.  You could then review a real-time analytical report.  Using an electronic system speeds up the inspections, speeds up the follow-up and generates analytical reports in real-time.

With an electronic inspection system, correct installations of equipment can be verified, proper distribution of chemical can be checked and regular maintenance of equipment can be done quicker.  Pictures can also be taken as proof of completion and observations can be stated in comment boxes.  Electronic inspections results can be synchronized immediately, making it faster to access data.  Comparing spreadsheets and paper audits to electronic process, electronic inspections would speed up your service, be more organized and provide better service to your customers.

Along with inspection data gathering, an electronic system also provides quicker results on follow-up.   Not only are inspections sped up, but those items that produced failing results can automatically send e-mail notifications to those who are responsible for correcting the issues, allowing the issues to be addressed sooner.   Electronic systems also provide a way to track failing items to ensure there is follow-up.   The electronic system can facilitate a higher level of service to your customers, so they have a higher confidence in your company in correcting failing issues sooner.

Another advantage to an electronic system is that the data are uploaded to a database, from which analytic reports can be run in real-time.   If you need to determine service levels, installation levels, completion of issue levels, etc., those can be pulled out of real-time data, so you can quickly determine where you can improve your service to your customers.

Electronic inspections systems help you get faster inspection results, quicker corrections on failing issues and more timely results with analytical reports.  This allows you to service your customer faster with better results.