Improved Hospitality Service

mproved communications in the hospitality industry can enhance the service you give to your customers.  Through electronic devices such as pads and smart phones, communication can be enhanced by taking advantage of the electronic tools available with VEKTR®’s automated audit software.   Regular electronic audits can improve your service by speeding up the communication process and improving accuracy.  Immediate action items help ensure service tasks are completed sooner.  Analytical reports can help to identify corporate issues or individual location issues that need to be corrected.

When quality audits are done electronically, on a regular basis, it ensures that regular service task are completed.  VEKTR® audits done on electronic devices help speed up the process of verifying that rooms are clean, all items are stocked and that all room appliances and fixtures are working.  When something fails either for not being cleaned, not being stocked or needing repair, a notification is sent out to the person responsible for the room service.  Along with the notification, pictures can be taken and a descriptive comment can be included to increase accuracy.  VEKTR® audits can help you improve your service to your customers.

Sometimes customer issues are indicated by a customer call, requiring room service.  VEKTR® can send Immediate notifications from the front desk to the person in charge of servicing the room.  Those doing audits can also create onsite action items to be completed.  These action items provide the ability for two-way communications to perpetuate completing service sooner, because of better interactions.  Your service to your customers can be quicker and more accurate with VEKTR® action items.

VEKTR® analytical reports can be run to give management an overview.  Several types of reports can be run, such as which locations have been audited, which action items have been completed, top issues that need to be corrected, to help your brand to be prompt in your service to your customers at each location.  VEKTR® analytical reports help keep your service to your customers in check corporate-wide, to make sure issues are being followed-up on and improvements being made.  By running analytical reports with regularity your corporation can correct issues sooner that happen corporate-wide.

VEKTR® automated audit software helps you give better service to your customers, by verifying that services to rooms are done regularly, by responding immediately to electronic action items about customer needs and by running regular analytical reports so corporate-wide issues can be corrected.  VEKTR® automated audit software can help your customers be better served.