Q/A Improvement Process Made Efficient


Whether you do inspections for health and safety, compliance, OSHA, quality control, service or cleanliness, technology can speed up your process, create efficiencies and help you be more organized.  In web-based technology an inspection can be taken faster, inefficiencies can be eliminated and you can better manage issues.

Electronic inspections are done offline or online by using iPAD’s, iPhones, Androids Smart phones, Adroid Pad’s, Window devices and Windows Tablets.  This process speeds up the process by allowing quick check and adding comments as needed.  When a failing item doesn’t pass an automatic e-mail notification can be sent to your managers immediately.   Analytic reports can run immediately because the data is already in the tables.   Now compare this process to manually doing an inspection on the time it takes you.

Efficiencies are created electronically by sending follow-up information from inspections directly where it needs to go, cutting out manual steps of data input.   With an electronic system Analytic Reports can be run in real time.  If you are manually writing things down, manually collecting inspection, putting information manually in the computer, making calls or taking additional inspection information to produce a report for your executives, how much time could you save by an automated system.

Organization is another advantage of electronic systems.  An inspection file, an action item file or a report file is automatically stored where it is needs to be.  Accessing needed information is quick and easy.   Sending this information to who it needs to go, to when it needs to go and how it needs to go is manageable because it is easily accessed and it can be done in minutes.  Your service towards your customers becomes better and you can better manage small and large issues.

By using electronic systems for taking inspections you service your customer faster and better, you save cost of inefficiencies and you can better manage issues that arise.