Inspections Can Search for Resource Directly

In the past, in order to select a specific resource for an inspection or work order, it was necessary to first select the group from the group tree that had been associated with that resource before the resource would become available. While this is a perfectly reasonable process for some users, it can be difficult for others, especially where there are many groups in the group tree and users do not always remember which group tree paths contain a given resource.

New Beta Version released for Windows 10 Devices

Nuvek has recently releases a beta release of our offline app that runs on Windows 10 devices, including Surface Pro tablets. This version currently implements the Inspection component only, so it can be used for  performing offline audits using these windows-based devices. Once an internet connection is available, the audits can be synced to your VEKTR® site's database so they can be processed. The app is available from the Windows Store.