Retail Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control.

VEKTR® gives Retailers the ability to take control on Improvement and Quality Control.   VEKTR® customizes inspections with your questions and your format.  Once the inspection has been take taken and synchronized, it can be accessed on the internet.  Inspections from all your locations can be accessed or you can filter down to an individual inspection.

VEKTR®gives your corporations the ability to do one master inspection or several individual  inspections.   If you perfer having individual  inspections, you could have safety audits, QA audits, OSHA-compliance audits or other customized templates to run seperately.  

VEKTR® makes follow up easier and manageable.  Inspections can send e-mails on failing items automatically.  Those e-mails can become interactive to allow you to monitor the progress of a task.  When a task or project is completed it can be closed. 

VEKTR® allows your comporation to schedule action items by individual locations or corporate-wide.  These can be used to monitor progress as well.  They can also be closed when completed. 

VEKTR® has standard reports that allow your corporation to make improvements corporate-wide.  Some of those reports include Top Ten Issues, Ranking Reports, Trend Reports and other reports.  These reports are accompanied by charts such as line charts, pie charts, speedometers and bar charts that help you pinpoint corporate-wide issues.

VEKTR® recently introduced a dashboard of reports that allows the most important reports to display real time data each time you log in.

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