Property Management

Servicing properties can be a lot more organized and manageable when using an Electronic System.   Property Audits, work order management and reporting electronically can make property management an easier process with VEKTR®. 

Doing audits for entry and exit occupancy electronically is easy with VEKTR®.   You can score particular concerns, such as utilities, safety, damage or cleanliness, make comments as needed and submit the audit.  If you need to take pictures, you click on a couple of icons and take a picture.  If you require a signature, it is just a matter of clicking an option and signing in a signature box.  It is a simple process to collect data on a computer or device by pushing buttons to answer questions and electronically recording comments.  Once data is collected and synchronized to your website, it is easily accessible.  Clicking on the right group and the right inspection will give the right information.   Collecting data with audits and accessing data is easier when you use the VEKTR® electronic system.

Automatic Work Orders (action items) are the follow-up part of completing tasks and can be entered manually or discovered through the audits.  You can opt to allow your tenants to enter their own work orders as well. Managing the work orders electronically is a matter of accessing the work order list and filtering to find which work orders are open and which need to be completed.  VEKTR® Electronic systems allow interactive communications, to help progress the task completion process.  Electronic systems help you manage work orders by being able to easily monitoring the lists and allowing interactive communication.

Another advantage of VEKTR®’s electronic system is the ability to run a report on current data in real time.  You can discover which properties have tasks that need to be completed, so that the properties can be rented.  You can determine how long work orders are taking to be completed and which person is responsible for the task, and can give the necessary instructions to finish the work order.

Audits become easier, work orders can be easily followed up and reports can be run in order to determine where bottlenecks in your system are and what needs to be done to improve them.

Property Management brochure