K-12 School Districts Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control.

The VEKTR® Automated Audit Software has the flexibility to do compliance, quality assurance, safety audits, inventories or order entries with mobile devices (offline or online) for your school districts. VEKTR® provides technological tools for customization and compliance status.

VEKTR® technology provides the ability for school districts to create custom compliance and quality control audit templates and different follow-up options.

Safety automated audits with VEKTR® allow school districts to identify general issues, violations and those that are critical, so that you can respond appropriately.  VEKTR® analytical reports allow your district to discover negative trends, inconsistencies and hazardous issues, so that you can amend such distractions.

The flexibility of VEKTR® allows your district to not only monitor compliance and quality assurance, but to do inventories and order entry.  VEKTR® can even identify product numbers and descriptions for specific products for your ordering.

VEKTR® gives your school district flexibility for template creations and follow-up, control over safety audits issues of different status levels and time saving tools that allow you to do compliance, quality assurance, safety audits, along with inventory and order creations.  VEKTR® makes it easier to take control over issues that distract the service you offer your schools.

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