Hospitality Automated Audits for Compliance, Housekeeping and quality control.

VEKTR® customization allows the Hospitality Industry to format the inspections the way their particular corporation prefers.   It becomes their questions and set-up. 

The inspection can be in one combined template, in several sections or in different inspection forms.   The software can be used by in-house management or expanded to third party services. 

Assessments can contain detailed comments, attached pictures of needed improvement or corrections, attached documents or signatures for needed authentication.  

The assessment can be viewed by any authorized party with easy access.

Action Items or Work Orders can be dispatched immediately, can be interactive and closed when completed.    Action items can be created by employees or authorized  third-party users. 

Scheduled Action Items or Work Orders can be individual assignments or corporate campaigns for company projects.  

Analytic Reports can give information on trends, top issues, ranking or other desired data for necessary QA actions.

VEKTR® allows your corporation to take control of your desired improvements and corrections with quicker response and more accuracy.

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