Higher Education Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control.

VEKTR® is used in universities and colleges.   It can be used in Janitorial services, facility management, food service departments and other departments that do audits and inspections.   The main type of audits that can be done with VEKTR® to help these departments are quality control, compliance and inventory control.

Quality control type audits and inspections help to maintain the expected level of quality.  VEKTR® allows the flexibility to conform to each department needs.  Questions can be different, scoring can be weighted for specific items and format can be uniquely adjusted for each department.

VEKTR® technology makes it possible for photos to be taken with mobile devices to verify compliance.  With VEKTR® e-mails are automatically sent to those who need to make corrections when polices are not being followed.  VEKTR® audits and inspections have signature technology on mobile devices to help ensure that the right department people were made aware of any non-compliant infringements.

VEKTR® also has the technology of inventory and order entry, so that when audits and inspections are being performed, products can be inventoried and orders created.  VEKTR® can specify the manufacturer’s product description, SKU numbers, product codes, product packing units and vendor identification when doing counts.  The same information is available for ordering of product. 

Higher education can use VEKTR® for several types of audits and inspections for quality control, compliance, inventory and order entry.   VEKTR® has enough flexibility that universities and colleges can put their own look and feel into the way they do business with audits and inspections and other business modules.  VEKTR® technology is geared to maintaining quality control, compliance, inventory and order entry.  The technology in VEKTR® is built for flexibility and to be user-friendly.

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