Franchise Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

Vektr provides an easier and quicker option for the improvement processes.  Customized inspections,  immediate follow-up action items, scheduling and real time reporting are all part of speeding up QA and Compliance process.

The customized inspections allow a franchise to control questions, format, scoring, user permissions and organization, and to chart progress of franchisees  with the corporate culture and feel.  The ease of taking and accessing  inspections creates a quicker option for information flow.

Action items give immediate notification for improvement, allow for interactive communications, create historical tracking, improve follow-up and can be governed to ensure timely response.

Scheduled action items follow the same  format if desired as normal action items;  in addition, they allow for repetitive reminders for completion of  repetitive task and can also be easily managed for follow-up of tasks.

Analytic standard reports are included on each website for convenience of real-time reporting.  The reports can be adjusted by filtering to allow for specifics.  Customized reports can be created to address additional needs.

VEKTR® makes it easy to inspect, follow up, schedule and report to speed up the improvement process for franchise organizations.

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