Construction Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

VEKTR® helps construction businesses to remain organized with inspections and the ability to have necessary access to their data, and to be able to build histories with the properties.

When a property inspection is done with VEKTR® it is synchronized to the web, which means it is sent to the website.  This allows inspections to be stored in a secure centralized location from where they can be accessed.  This electronical file system stores the inspection with the pictures, files, comments, scoring and other data that may be necessary for review.

VEKTR® makes it easy to access the records as needed.  It is a matter of authorized users logging into their VEKTR® web site and then browsing to or searching for the desired inspection.

When you need to access the history of an inspection, there are couple of advantages provided by VEKTR®. First you can directly view individual inspections and second you can run analytic reports to give you accumulative data.  The reports are easily accessed and easily run.

VEKTR® will help you remain organized by having data stored in the right places, the data available for access as needed and a history view of the data through both individual inspections and reports.

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