Building Service Contractors Automated Audits for Compliance and Quality Control

VEKTR® gives building contractors an organized approach to doing inspections, an efficient way of  following up on work orders or action items and a way to generating real time reports.

VEKTR® provides a very organized way of doing inspections.  When an inspection is done on one of devices and is sent to the web, it automatically is stored in the proper locations on your VEKTR® website.  It is easily accessed by filtering down to the proper locations and clicking on that inspection. 

When an item fails compliance, it automatically sends a notification to the designated person responsible for the task.  This notification is a work order or action item that can be utilized to provoke two-way communication to make sure the task is handled timely and accurately.

When the corporation wants to run an analytical report, it is as easy as selecting the report, filtering the necessary locations and running the report.  The report displays real-time infomation that can be instantly accessed because the database tables contain the data generated by work orders and inspections.

VEKTR® makes the process easy to gather data, follow-up on failed or necessary task that need to be completed and run a report instantly when current data is necessary to improve existing conditions.

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