Windows Desktop App

There is an offline version of the VEKTR® app available for Windows PCs and laptops running pre-Windows 10 versions of the operating system.  However, development for this app was discontinued in 2012.  Because of this, it does not have all of the latest features available, although it can be used to perform basic Inspection and Work Order management, if needed. It also lacks the ability to access a camera to take photos during an inspection. If possible, we recommend either upgrading to a windows 10 compatible device or using Apple or Android devices with their respective apps for offline inspections.

[Note: these older Windows devices can still be used for accessing VEKTR® in an online setting, as long as there is an active internet connection.]


VEKTR™ PC Desktop / Tablet PC v1.8 (Last release: May 12th, 2011)

Download the Vektr Installer. You can download it from We recommend that you download the file to your desktop, this will make it easier to find. Once the download has completed, if you saved it to your desktop, minimize all your applications until your desktop is visible. Find the file named "VEKTRDesktopSetup_05122011B1.msi" on your desktop and double-click it.

[NOTE: this app also requires a version of the Microsoft dotNet framework redistributable package to be installed. If you have already installed a version of this framework on your computer, the application should be able to utilize it, as long as it is backwards-compatible with version 2 of the framework. (Most newer versions are.) If not, you will have to browse to locate a copy of a version of that framework that is at least 2.0, and install that framework before running the .msi installer file for the Desktop application.]