Reports Guide Decisions

Analytical Reports can be indicators of where the most important changes need to take place.   Reports can be a guiding source of where to invest, where to train, how to market and what issues need your attention.   Reports will help your decisions on how to handle individual locations or stores; they can help you understand your trends and they can help you understand where to make your improvements.

Brand Protection

In a day where there are health, service and communications concerns that can have adverse effects upon business, it becomes increasingly important to put preventive measures in place to protect the brand from damaging issues.   A strong way of protecting the brand is by having regular preventive electronic audits.  These audits can help protect you from health, service and communications issues.

Warewash Advantage of Electronic Inspections

When doing inspections for warewash services, there is a way to speed up service by using electronic inspection software.  This involves using devices such as IPADs, iPhones, Android Pads, Android smart phones, Window laptops and tablets to perform inspections.   After doing the inspection you would synchronize the results to the web, where automatic follow-up notices are dispatched.  You could then review a real-time analytical report.

Improved Hospitality Service

mproved communications in the hospitality industry can enhance the service you give to your customers.  Through electronic devices such as pads and smart phones, communication can be enhanced by taking advantage of the electronic tools available with VEKTR®’s automated audit software.   Regular electronic audits can improve your service by speeding up the communication process and improving accuracy.  Immediate action items help ensure service tasks are completed sooner.  Analytical reports can help to identify corporate issues or individual location issues that nee

Hospitality Inspections

Whether you’re a Hotel, a Cruise line or a Resort, you can offer better services to your customers if you know that corporate policy is being followed, if health and safety issues are held in check or if customers are receiving their needed services.   This can be measured and improved, if you’re regularly inspecting your facilities, policies and services.   While this may seem like a considerable task, technologies are making it possible to now manage the process.    Electronically you can now take inspections, follow up and report on task improved and ta

The Franchise Advantage.


Vektr provides an easier and quicker option for the improvement processes.  Customized inspections, immediate follow-up action items, scheduling and real time reporting are all part of speeding up QA and Compliance process.


The customized inspections allow a franchise to control questions, format, scoring, user permissions and organization, and to chart progress of franchisees with the corporate culture and feel.  The ease of taking and accessing inspections create a quicker option for information flow.



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