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Audits Improve Communications

Audits help corporations and locations better communicate.  Inspections help locations understand where the standards of success are, while self-audits from locations can help corporations understand the problems involved in meeting the standards.

By pointing out non-complying areas, a corporate manager can help locations to understand how to better serve the customer, how to be safer, how to protect the brand and how to improve profits.

VEKTR® – New Website

Be the first to see our site that just went live.  The VEKTR® site has been change to have a new up-to-date look, making it easier to access and making it easier to understand.

VEKTR®’s new up-to-date look was developed to make it responsive to several types of devices   The new site makes it easier for you to view the general information on your device.   The site has been simplified so you can find information quicker.

Issue Follow-up Process

Action Items or Work Orders are a process of correcting deficiencies.  Indentifying, assigning, fixing and reporting are all steps to completing an action item.   By following the process consistently you set higher expectations of solving issues.

Inspections Offline

The internet brings about a higher level of accessing information that is faster and easier.   The internet can sometimes has problems with power surges and weather conditions that distract connections and lose inspections.   There are technologies that make it possible to do inspections offline then synchronize the inspection latter.   How does it work?

Inspections Eliminate Risk

Inspections are a tool to expose Risks that could be damaging to your business.  Some of those Risks that are damaging to you business are a Lack of Training, Health Concerns and Image Issues.  These risks can be eliminated much quicker if you have technologies that allow immediate response.


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